About Us


To become Malaysia's most reputable & profitable software engineering powerhouse
emphasiz​ing on customer focus and providing for the well-being of all employees and stakeholders.​​


  • To increase the productivity and quality of products and services globally​
  • To enhance employees' work-life quality
  • To promote life-long learning knowledge worker environment
  • To increase creativity and innovation in software production and services



Established in 1991, Custommedia Sdn Bhd is an IT-based organization with core competency in software engineering. We are ISO 9001-certified, TMMi Level 5-accredited, and were among the first organisations to be endorsed MSC Malaysia status.

We empower businesses with our IT/Software Engineering products, services, and solutions. We strive to help our clients in achieving their business goals and objectives, as well as succeeding in today’s ever-changing competitive environment.

Over the last 30 years, we have grown to become a leading software engineering practitioner in Malaysia, with respectable track records in both domestic and international markets.

Our clients include governmental, banking, oil and gas, telco, education, industrial, and private sectors in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Ireland, and Saudi Arabia.

Alongside software engineering, we also accumulated expertise in other areas such as business process development and improvement, as well as strategic planning and implementation.