Technical Writer


Corporate Communication Head of Department or

Business Development Manager


Principal Responsibilities:


  • To prepare and consolidate documents and ensure the document follows the relevant MS ISO 9001, TMMi, CMMi, other relevant standard/best practices and requirements of the organisation and internal/external projects.

Additional Principal Responsibility for Corporate Communication Department:

  • Facilitate the Corporate Communication Head of Department in the creation & maintenance of uniform corporate identity design on all communication channels.

  • Plan, prepare and administer documentation required for internal and external communication, on a proactive & reactive basis for the organisation.

  • To continuously expand knowledge

Other Responsibilities:

  • To take ownership for the documentation assignment given and leverage the resources available from the organisation to produce quality output.

  • To write, create, edit & maintain technical and/or non-technical documentation for current and future applications or internal/external project deliverables.

  • To conduct research, evaluate and recommend (where applicable) new documentation tools and methods to improve processes.

  • To support the initiatives to market/commercialise the organisation's products & services, through developing necessary documentation & collaterals.

  • To collaborate with the other technical writers in completing assigned tasks, where required.

  • To perform any other task as assigned by the Management.

Specific for Senior Technical Writer:

  • To perform duties in leadership capacity and guide other technical writers within the organisation, towards ensuring completion of assignments that fulfil the organisation's & internal/external project requirements.

  • To provide Technical Writing/linguistic leadership & guidance;

  • To recommend any potential commercialization opportunities for the technical writer's outputs.

  • To be able to present to internal staff or external client (projects)



  • Preferably Degree or Diploma in Computer Science/IT/TESL (A-Level) with relevant working experience as following: -

    • Minimum 0 to 2 years for Technical Writer

    • Minimum 3 years for Senior Technical Writer

  • Must be very good in written and spoken English and possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.

  • High working level computer literacy, ability to use Information Mapping in preparing technical write-usp would be an added advantage.

  • Knowledge of ISO 9001 and other standards / best practices would be preferred.

  • Able to work independently with very minimum supervision.

Additional Qualifications for Corporate Communication Department:

  • Possess the required content analysis, content development & writing skills for the purposes of effective internal and external communications. This may include writing skills for:

- Copywriting

- Business documentation & reports

- Technical / system documentation

- Non-technical/end-user centric documentation.

If you are a professional ready for a challenge, drop us an email describing your strengths and interests. Please attach your CV along.

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